Jul. 16th, 2003 02:55 pm
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(It's not at our site and it's a Common, but Arctic Terns are identical to Common Terns, except they don't have a black tip to their bill, and their legs are a bit shorter. Just pretend.)
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Introducing for the 2003/04 season: Sarah #2!

More freckles per square cm of skin!

An extra 5kg of pure muscle!

Improved night vision and seabird identification skills!

Increased tolerance of coastal areas! (Requires Antihistamines, not included)

Able to run short distances without falling down holes!

Oho you should see my 6-pack.

Today, I have to return to work before nightfall, as the gamekeeper is paying a visit to help deal with the foxes. Last night was spent on the spit and the south bank of the Burn, making sure the foxes didn't cross over and get into the colony. I could shine my torch and see two under the footbridge; then they'd both disappear and return at a low point on the dunes closer to the river mouth; or there'd be one at the mouth and one under the footbridge; continually testing me to see how long it took me to get frmo one spot to the other. I was testing out a bottle of pebbles instead of the catapult as it makes more noise when you hoy it at them, but it kept landing in the burn.

There is, however, something remarkably peaceful about wading knee-deep through a silently flowing river, on a pitch-black night.

Then today, as I sat in the sunshine with Work Experiance Boy, a man ambled through the site with a double-barrelled shotgun. Men with shotguns are now such a common occurance I don't get the auto "shitthatsagun" shiver of fear when I spot them anymore. He said, in beautiful Northumbrian tones, that he'd be back at dusk and I "could had th'torch, lyke, an' Ah'll be aybl te shoot thum" before wandering off again across the saltmarsh.

Head warden visited a bit later, explaining for the millionth time how he used to be against culling, and look for other solutions, but now he'd come to realise it was better to be pro-active against them and picking off the trouble-makers was better than a wholesale slaughter etc etc. The gamekeeper does it for free - he'd have to shoot them when they start on the pheasant pens in a month or two, so he might as well do it now and help us out while he's at it.
Head warden then said: "would - would you be alright helping with that, Sarah?" to which I replied "oh, aye," in my most blase tone. Ed has since called me pyscho-warden.

Interestingly enough, The Percy Hunt rides regularly around here - that'd be the Duke's hunt - but every year the colony and the two farmers have had a problem with foxes. I'm saying nothing.


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