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Spotted: Two badgers having a vicious fight that lasted about 20 minutes, making the weirdest noises ever, on our front drive at 4 this morning.
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Good grief, I spent three and a bit hours stomping about Simonside Forest and Lordenshaws moor, seeing nowt except prehistoric rock carvings and iron-age hillforts, and then driving back, what do I see?

1. A fallow deer, blinking at me stupidly on the road before bolting into the woods
2. Two Buzzards, not far above my car, having a fight.

All of Britain's nature is in fact living on road verges.
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Spotted: A Badger lolloping across the road on the way to Otterburn at about midday. I seem to only see wildlife when it's narrowly escaping death under my front wheels.. Still, first ever live badger sighting! woo!
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Thank you for your email reporting the squirrel sighting. I shall add the information to my database. Records such as yours are important as they help us maintain an up to date picture of the distribution of squirrels in the region. The records are also given to researchers at the University of Newcastle and Institute of Zoology, to be used in a range of red squirrel studies.

Also, strutting about on the grass verge driving from Remote Northumberland to Edinburgh, my first Black Grouse; and just now driving back down the A1, a headlight-lit Barn Owl. Yay! Stuff!


Sep. 23rd, 2005 06:26 pm
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I saw a Red Squirrel! It bounded across the road in front of my car and met a tragic end under my front tyres and into the bushes on the opposite side. Altogether now: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


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