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Ben says:

1. Who do you wish you were?
Not sure, someone cleverer, brighter, quicker, a non-smoker who could hold her drink. A celebrity-gay, maybe, because I like the attention, in a ahppy long-term relationship with my imaginary girlfriend.

(I haven't told you about the imaginary girlfriend yet. Maybe another time)

2. Who are you glad you aren't?
The foxes I am helping to kill tonight. ha! There's millions of people; I'm really thankful that I've ended up with this life. It's a really good one, so far.

3. describe your perfect living situation. where you are, what you're doing, etc.
I was thinking about this one; I'll spare you the imaginary girlfriend, cottage in the woods, happily ever after one. I'd like a big old house in the country, with me, Will and Ellie. I'd like to be a wildlife ranger with the Forestry Comission, I'd like my two oldest and dearest friends to be around so I don't lose them. however, a large city with a bustling nightlife convinently has 24 hour buses to our big old house. And the sun is always shining, except when it's misty.

4. What's your favourite smell?
I don't know - certain perfumes make my hair stand up, or make me really "mrrrrr!" and things like freshly-cut grass or a pine forest after the rain are also gorgeous. I can't stop inhaling Brewery smell, either.

5. if you could only hug one person ever again, who would it be?
Wiiiiiiiiiill. He is built to be hugged.


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