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Birthdate:Mar 9
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

My delicious thingy whatsit is here.

I wouldn't add you unless I know and/or like you.

Interests (148):

alcohol, ani difranco, anti-creationists, auks, bears, beautiful places, being sensible, belsay hall, ben lee, bewick moor, bjork, blobfish, bob dylan, books, cacti, capital cities, cats, caves, christos dantis, citroen ax, commodore, cragside, creatures, cryptozoology, cuddy ducks, cumbria, cup-and-ring marked rocks, cyborgs, dean village, deuchars, dialects, doctor who, dolly parton, donnie darko, edinburgh, elvis, emotions, english, environment, equal rights, equality, evolution, extinct fauna, f.y. republic of macedonia, ferries, fiction, films, fit lasses, folk music, folk rock, folk songs, forests, friends, frigid vinegar, futurama, genetics, giant robots, girls, greek macedonia, half man half biscuit, hand rolled cigarettes, hannah werdmuller, happiness from understanding, herring gulls, hills, hippies, history, house of elliot, iceland, ikea, illicit love, indie, ivor cutler, japanese music, jill sobule, johnny cash, julie & ludwig, kathryn tickell, kittiwakes, languages, laridae, life, linguistics, low-newton-by-the-sea, maps, maximo park, melanie, moorland, neko case, newcastle-upon-tyne, northern innuit dogs, northumberland, northumbria, obscure languages, obscure saints, obscure things in general, old maps, openttd, penguin cafe orchestra, photos, pieces of ribbon, post-soviet literature, postcards, pretending to speak gaelic, pro-choice, queer, queer stuff, reading, real ale, ringed plovers, rum and monkey, russia, scandinavia, scifi, scotland, scottish indie music, skokholm island, small countries, soviet literature, spaced, steam power, sunshine, sunshine lollipops and rainbows, super furry animals, talking, tea, telling the truth, terns, the cheviots, the evenings, the farne islands, the faroe islands, the internet, the kinks, the sea, the sky, the white stripes, things i'm good at, tim bisley, trees, underground cities, unusual trees, victor pelevin, wallington, warmth, weakerthans, wilderness, writing
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