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We often hear the saying that the dog is man's best friend. But before the dog came to live with humans, it belonged to the wolf family, and there among the wolves the dogs had to do all the errands. One cold day, the wolves ordered the dog to go to a man's house to get fire. This was the only place that the wolves knew that they could get fire but it was very dangerous for any wolf to go there. The wolves had often gone to villages to get fire, but they would always drop the coals and the humans would get the fire back. Or as they carried a burning stick it would burn brighter and they would have to drop it or otherwise be singed by the flames.

The dog knew all this and decided that it would be a very difficult job to get fire from humans. So the dog decided that he would just pretend to try to steal fire from humans but not really go through with it. But the dog knew that if he failed in the mission to get the fire, life with the wolves would be unbearable, and instead he decided he would just leave the wolves and go live with the humans.

The dog left the wolves' country and went through the forest to the village. He saw smoke coming out of the smokeholes of the wigwams and went toward one of the houses. He stood in the doorway and looked inside, and realized that the hunters were not home: only the women and children were there. The people had always feared the wolves, so the dog decided that it would be good to show that he himself was afraid of the humans. So he lowered his tail and his head and looked up at the people with his eyes wide to show that he was afraid of them and crept over to the fire and lay down.

The dog was lucky, because the man who lived in the home had often dreamed of wolves, and had in fact dreamed that he would receive a gift from the wolves. In his hunting, he had also appealed to the Wolf spirit and been assisted by it to feed his family. When he returned to his home and saw the harmless dog lying there by his fire, he decided to make friends with him. Remembering his dreams, the man told the dog that they would be brothers forever, and to prove this he would take the dog as his companion when he went hunting for his family and share the meat that they got together.
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