anuran: (Default)
2007-08-20 11:38 pm


You know, when I caught some blokes in the pub reading a train enthusiasts magazine, they asked if I was going to be all "tch, trainspotting" or find it boring. No, I said, in a sudden flash of self-insight, I find everything interesting. Trains exist, therefore they are interesting[1].

So I bring you my newest geeky thing:

Plugs And Sockets of the world

My favourite is Type K, the Danish 3-pin:

How cute! What small child couldn't resist poking a paper clip in those cheeky eyes? Just imagine it giggling insanely as it toasted aforementioned child in an electric arc of pure evil!

[1] This doesn't apply to Botany, or any science that is entirely reliant on microscopes. If it requires equipment more delicate than a big hammer, it's not proper science, it's just poncing about in a lab coat.