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Do you like playing stealthy archers in Skyrim? Then Sniper Elite III is (probably) for you! Rather than a Nord in Tamriel hunting down Altmer, though, You play as an American sniper hunting down Nazis, which is the same thing.

I enjoyed Sniper Elite V2, although each level, set in war-torn Berlin, seemed tiny, with only pre-set routes through each, and I think I finished the game in about an hour. Sniper Elite III, on the other hand, claims to have bigger, more open world, levels.

This is me, Karl, an American with a suspiciously germanic name but a deep gravelly american voice, who is in North Africa to help Britain and "her Empire" win World War 2. I can't remember if this is the same character as in V2. Didn't I kill Hitler at the end of the last one? Why am I now in Africa? Do I get to kill Hitler again?

Karl/me appears to have some sort of RSI, poor chap.

From the intro screens, I deduce that Karl/me will be single-handedly traversing North Africa and helping out those Limeys, who are all in fetching shorts and knee socks. If there isn't a Spike Milligan esque character in this I am going to be disappointed.

Now, the thing about Sniper Elite series is that it is famous for its gory, slow-mo action shots when you hit someone. Watching a bullet you fired smash bone and pierce organ is apparently a major draw for the series.

ew. You can skip them by pressing space.

You get different amounts of points for different shots, killshots, from different positions, whether done in silence, etc.

Oddly no slow-mo replay for that one

It's good, I enjoy sneaking around and being able to take your time over something like shooting Jerry in the nuts. You get a machine gun, a silenced pistol and for the sniping itself, a sniper rifle (obvs) with which you can hold your breath while aiming for a killer shot to the nuts.


You can also sneak up and snap/stab their neck.

It's good fun so far - working out cover, how to mask your gunshots, where to hide, makes it into much more of a puzzle than just running around shooting things.

and you can blow things up!

So great if you like gorey violence and shooting nazis. in the nuts.
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